Articles by Caroline Jarrett

Caroline Jarrett got interested in forms when she had to deliver formsreading systems to the Inland Revenue (UK). The systems didn't work very well and it was because the forms were full of errors. This sparked a fascination with why people make mistakes on forms that has lasted for 15 years and shows no signs of wearing off. These days, she divides her time between advising clients on how to make forms more usable, and helping them to prune and tune the content on their web sites.

Problems and Joys of Reading Research Papers for Practitioner Purposes

Abstract In her essay, Jarrett discusses reasons that practitioners read research papers and the obstacles that they face when reading research papers. Jarrett provides several examples and suggestions for improving the accessibility of research papers for practitioners. Her suggestions include writing clear titles, ensuring that the abstract states the study population and limitations of the […] [Read More]