Articles by Birte Snilstveit

Ms. Snilstveit is a Senior Manager, Synthesis and Reviews, and Head of the 3ie London Office. She has over 10 years’ experience working on policy research and evidence uptake. A focus of her work is developing and applying research methods that are both rigorous, relevant, and timely, including 3ie’s Evidence Gap Map (EGM) methodology, mixed- methods, theory-based systematic reviews, and the use of technology for rapid and "living" systematic reviews.

Testing Usability of the Eye Health Evidence Gap Map

Abstract Evidence gap maps (EGMs) are a visual tool for presenting the state of evidence in particular thematic areas relevant to international development, with the aim of providing easy access to the best available evidence and highlighting gaps in knowledge. There is little evidence to indicate how people use and interact with them. Usability testing […] [Read More]