In this issue, we feature two peer-reviewed articles. Libby Kumin and her colleagues evaluated the ability of adults with Down syndrome to perform tasks with an iPad. Previous studies have shown that adults with Down syndrome can successfully control a cursor with a mouse. But the iPad presents the challenge of a touch screen, an […] [Read More]

A Usability Evaluation of Workplace-Related Tasks on a Multi-Touch Tablet Computer by Adults with Down Syndrome

Abstract This research study focuses on evaluating the usability of multi-touch tablet devices by adults with Down syndrome for workplace-related tasks. The usability evaluation involved 10 adults with Down syndrome, and the results of the study illustrate that (a) adults with Down syndrome are able to use multi-touch devices effectively for workplace-related tasks, (b) formal […] [Read More]

Usability Evaluation of a Tag-Based Interface

Abstract In this study, we report the findings of a comparative usability evaluation of a tag-based interface and the present conventional interface in the Australian banking context. The tag-based interface is based on user-assigned tags to banking resources with support for different types of customization, while the conventional interface is based on standard HTML objects […] [Read More]