Introduction to Volume 16, Issue 4

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We are sharing an essay by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis titled “The JUS Top 10 Articles: 2005—2021.” The authors provide a summary of the most viewed articles since the inception of the Journal in 2005. An abstract and brief commentary is provided for each article.

The first article titled “Labeling and Placement of the Logout Button in Mobile Surveys” is by Shelley Feuer, Brian Falcone, Elizabeth Nichols, Erica Olmsted-Hawala, and Lin Wang. In this article, the authors explore the placement and labeling of logout buttons in the context online surveys using a mobile device. They share the results from two experiments and discuss the implications for the design of mobile-based online surveys. 

The second article is by Elizabeth Nichols, Erica Olmsted-Hawala, Sabin Lakhe, and Lin Wang titled “Usability of Access Codes.” The authors explore how access codes are used and the impact of various types of access codes (letters, numbers, and special characters) on the user experience. They share the results from two experiments and provide specific, actionable recommendations for those who need to design access codes.