Articles by Laura L. Downey

Laura Downey is a
senior research
engineer at the
University of New
Mexico. She is working
on an ecoinformatics
project where she helps
make technology work
for scientists. Her
background includes
experience in
government, academia,
and industry where she
has always been an
evangelist of usability. Laura is formally trained as a
computer scientist, but has 14 years of experience in
usability and human factors engineering. Her current
research interests are in testing and evaluation
methods, and user interfaces for semantic

Group Usability Testing: Evolution in Usability Techniques

Abstract Usability testing has a long history. In its early form, it was conducted with many individual participants much like traditional research experiments. With the advent of discount usability engineering techniques, fewer participants were required (5-7 versus 30-50) and protocols were simplified. The evolution from “many to few” in usability testing has become the standard […] [Read More]