Articles by Gilbert Cockton

Dr. Cockton is Professor of Design Theory and Head of the Department of Media and Communication Design at Northumbria University (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK). His PhD and initial research addressed architectures and notations for interactive systems design (1982–1996). He then shifted attention to user-centered research and evaluation practices (1995-2011). This led to a later focus on creative design practices (2009 onwards) following his move from Computing to Design. He thus has experience of all three major design paradigms (applied arts, engineering, human-centered), but favors none. His current research has two strands: frameworks for combining design paradigms to benefit from their combined strengths while reducing their combined weaknesses; frameworks for supporting design and evaluation work through resources and approaches that properly exploit the realities of creative design work

A Critical, Creative UX Community: CLUF

Research and practice in human-computer interaction (HCI) are now in their fourth decade. After a first decade focused on modeling and guidance, professional practices associated with HCI have focused first on user-centered design (UCD), next on user experience (UX, which includes usability), and now on interaction design (IxD), with a range of practices (e.g., creative, […] [Read More]