Editor in Chief Bids JUS Readers Adieu

Five years ago Avi Parush, the original editor in chief of JUS, asked me to join him in that position. I assumed my role would be similar to that of a paper reviewer. But Avi had a strong belief that an editor in chief needs to be more than a reviewer. An editor in chief […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 11, Issue 1, November 2015

It is with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to Joe Dumas, the co-editor in chief of the Journal of Usability Studies. This is Joe’s last issue, after 5 years as co-editor. His contribution has been immense and far too impactful for me to describe in a few words. I can simply say that JUS […] [Read More]

When Perishing Isn’t a Problem: Publication Tips for Practitioners

I took my first course in experimental psychology in the mid-1970s. As part of our lab assignments, we were required to write reports in APA style for each experiment we conducted. The instructor told us that as experimental psychologists our publications would be the only permanent record of our work. Furthermore, if we pursued a […] [Read More]

Gesture Selection Study for a Maternal Healthcare Information System in Rural Assam, India

Abstract This paper presents a case study aimed at selecting suitable body gestures to represent actions that viewers of a televised maternal health information program will recognize and understand. This program is designed for pregnant women in rural Assam in India. We observed the gestures of 24 pregnant women to determine how to present the […] [Read More]

Evaluation of a Game Used to Teach Usability to Undergraduate Students in Computer Science

Abstract There is a growing recognition of the importance of teaching usability, which has been discussed in various forms in undergraduate courses in areas related to Information Technology. Usability is an essential concept that professionals need to learn as they produce artifacts for different types of users and contexts. After a systematic mapping of the […] [Read More]