All February 2022: Volume 17, Issue 2 articles

Introduction to Volume 17, Issue 2

For the February 2022 issue, the invited essay is “UX Standards and UX Maturity” by Brian Traynor. He reviews the work of many standards committees, working groups, and documents that are relevant to UX researchers and practitioners. In addition to the essay, this issue includes two methodological research papers—one on personas and the other on […] [Read More]

UX Standards and UX Maturity

Abstract The International Standard ISO 9241-11 is frequently referenced as a source definition for Usability. In the past 10 years, a number of standards that relate to Usability have been published. In this essay, I highlight the ISO standards that focus on human-centered design and quality information processes, and I identify the technical committees responsible […] [Read More]

Deriving Personas to Inform HMI Design for Future Autonomous Taxis: A Case Study on User Requirement Elicitation

Abstract Automated Vehicle Mobility-as-a-Service (AV MaaS)—or autonomous taxis—are expected to offer an inexpensive, mobility-on-demand service supporting greater sustainable transportation systems, including “last mile” solutions. However, to date, little is understood about how different people, whose needs and requirements may vary considerably, will best be supported to use these vehicles when there is no human driver/operative […] [Read More]

Analyzing and Visualizing the Criticality of Issues from Usability Tests

Abstract A common issue that occurs after conducting usability tests is how to prioritize issues for the next design iteration, that is, which should enter production first. It is also necessary to prioritize these issues in an easy-to-understand manner for internal stakeholders and in accordance with their criticality. With these two goals in mind, we […] [Read More]