All August 2023: Volume 18, Issue 4 articles

Introduction to Volume 18, Issue 4

Our August 2023 essay is from Wonil Hwang on “Online User Reviews: A Treasure Trove of UX Research?” The essay describes potential benefits when using online user reviews as source material for UX research along with potential biases. In addition to the essay, this issue includes two research papers. One is on the design of […] [Read More]

Online User Reviews: A Treasure Trove of UX Research?

Introduction When we go to unfamiliar places and need to choose hotels or restaurants, or when we want to purchase new products that we haven’t experienced before, we often refer to online user reviews. When time is limited, we prioritize checking the average ratings, but if we have a bit more time, we read the […] [Read More]

Designing User Interface Toggles for Usability

Abstract Toggles are used extensively by all major software vendors and often in the form of sliders. Although they mostly all share an on oroff functionality, there are differences in how designers and developers represent these actions in the user interface. There can also be differences in the kind of state changes these toggles operate. […] [Read More]

Efficiently Engaging: Toward an Expansive View of Time on Task

Abstract When it comes to website engagement, the metric time on task is often perceived as being negatively correlated with success factors like the likelihood of purchase and satisfaction. This is because it is seen as a proxy for the amount of effort a user exerts to complete a given task. However, through the analysis […] [Read More]