Articles by Sarah J. Swierenga Ph.D., C.P.E.

Sarah is the Director of the Usability and Accessibility Center at Michigan State University. She co-authored Constructing Accessible Web Sites, and wrote a chapter for The User-Centered Design Casebook. She is an alternate member of the U.S. Access Board 508/255 refresh committee.

Moving Towards an All-Encompassing Universal Design Approach in ICT

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is an overarching term that includes all technologies for the manipulation and communication of information. It encompasses any medium to record information; technologies for broadcasting information using radio, television, and the Internet; and technologies for communicating through voice and sound or images. Based on the rapid growth in digital information, […] [Read More]

An Empirical Investigation of Color Temperature and Gender Effects on Web Aesthetics

Abstract Limited research exists on the relevance of hedonic dimensions of human-computer interaction to usability, with only a small set of this research being empirical in nature. Furthermore, previous research has obtained mixed support for gender differences regarding perceptions of attractiveness and usability in Web site design. This empirical research addresses the above gap by […] [Read More]