Articles by Robin Jeffries

Robin Jeffries is currently
User Experience Lead at
Google, where she works to
better understand the broad
spectrum of Google users and
to adapt usability techniques
to new application paradigms.
Prior to that, she was a
Distinguished Engineer at Sun
Microsystems, where she worked in the CTO’s office
bringing attention to users and user experience across
the company. She has been a researcher at Hewlett-
Packard Laboratories, Carnegie-Mellon University, and
the University of Colorado. One thread of her research
has focused on comparing usability methods as used by
practitioners and improving various aspects of usability

Making Usability Recommendations Useful and Usable

Abstract This paper evaluates the quality of recommendations for improving a user interface resulting from a usability evaluation. The study compares usability comments written by different authors, but describing similar usability issues. The usability comments were provided by 17 professional teams who independently evaluated the usability of the website for the Hotel Pennsylvania in New […] [Read More]