Articles by I-Fan Chou

Chou is a MSIS
graduate of the School of
Information at The University
of Texas at Austin, where she
works as a teaching assistant
of Usability Engineer, Advanced
Usability, and Research Method.
She did her Master’s project on
interface usability evaluation of
a proofofconcept
device at IBM Pervasive
Computing Lab in Austin, Texas. She currently works as
a user experience and interactive design intern at
Punchcut, focusing mainly on mobile interface design
and mobile applications from user experience

Empirical Evaluation of a Popular Cellular Phone’s Menu System: Theory Meets Practice

Abstract A usability assessment entailing a paper prototype was conducted to examine menu selection theories on a small screen device by determining the effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction of a popular cellular phone’s menu system. Outcomes of this study suggest that users prefer a less extensive menu structure on a small screen device. The investigation […] [Read More]